Just Chill Out! Ludo Game

Just Chill Out! is a digital version of the classic board game in three dimensions – “Chinese Checkers” or the so-called Ludo Game – “Mensch ärgere Dich nicht” – “Man, Just Chill Out”.

The production allows for playing with bots or with other players on a local network.

The player’s main task is to place 4 pawns on the last board fields with colors corresponding to the player’s colors, in the so-called “base”. The player must decide whether to use the roll for movement or to remove a pawn from the starting field, the so-called “house”.

Our designers were mostly inspired by references to old times and Asian culture. The game is intended for people of all ages who want to play board games or remember one of the most iconic games of old days, when people did not play on the computer.