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Night Catcher (Mobile)

A simple puzzle game for a mobile platform. Catch the laser light by operating the cat’s paw. In the course of the game, you need to feel the color and the speed of the points to score a hit. The difficulty level increases with the progress in the game. Beautiful music and artistic graphics will help you feel the atmosphere. We invite you to download our application:

Just Chill Out! Ludo Game

Seemingly simple board games can be complicated. They are characterized by a certain complexity. Just Chill Out! is a digital version of the classic board game [in three dimensions] – “Chinaman”, or the so-called Ludo Game – “Mensch ärgere Dich nicht” – “Man, Just Chill Out”. The production allows you to play with bots or with other players on the local network. The main task of the player is to […]